Sunday, June 1, 2008

Win a Technology Grant: It's Simple

Short on technology in your school: enter the Hope for Education contest and win a grant for your school. You or your students need only write a 100-word essay on technology’s impact on learning. Check the Hope for Education site to learn of contest rules, deadlines, and prizes. You and your students have nothing to lose and much to gain. The contest is sponsored by technology giants Samsung, Microsoft, and others. In 2008, a top winner received $200,000 worth of technology. The site reports that in the four years since the contest's inception, there have been 250 winners, and $700,000 in grants have been awarded.

This year’s essay prompt links technology and the environment. Rules read:

"How has technology educated you on helping the environment and how or why has it changed your behavior to be more environmentally friendly?"

"Essays should focus on:

  • How current or emerging technologies increase your awareness and understanding of environmental issues, and cause you to make environmentally friendly changes in your life.
  • How technology products can be made, used and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • Why technology will play an increasingly important role in educating people and helping them to change their lives in an environmentally responsible way."


Meg said...

Wow! What a great opportunity to earn technology to enhance your student's learning. The questions appear to be simple enough to answer! So why not go for it!

Meg said...

Wow! What a great opportunity to earn technology to enhance your student's learning. The questions appear to be simple enough to answer! So why not go for it!

molly said...


I completely agree such a great way for teachers and students to enhance their classrooms with technology!! Questions are relevant to student’s lives and it looks like all the site is looking for is a bit of feedback!!


Nicki said...

I think that this is a great way for the technology companies to get people to experiment with their products and get the products known in the schools, that may not be able to afford to get the equipment. I have been looking into grants to bring new equipment into schools and this is one of the easiest that I have seen.

Colleen said...

Judy, I so appreciate you posting this commentary on Grants. I have been so curious how grants actually come to be. During my very first teaching certification class I observed a teacher that was just about to receive a special technology grant (giving her laptops for each every one of her English class students). I thought this was an amazing opportunity, but as not really "aware" enough to ask her about applying for the grant. This link shows how everyday teachers and students could really "hook" their classes up. Does anyone know of any other sources, websites or arenas in which students or teachers could apply for grants???

Mary Ann Oszurek said...

I think this is a perfect way to get more technology in my classroom. I would like to go for it and see what happens. Our school has applied for a variety of grants so I am sure I can get some help with this one. The questions seem simple and relevant to how students will benefit from the grant.

Mike said...

I agree with Meg. This is not only a great opprtunity to enhance student learning. I also think this is a golden opprtunity to have a class assignment. Imagine having your entire class write this essay and then taking the best 4 or 5 and sending them in to try and win this grant. Imagine those students that actually see their finished product being sent off to possibly obtain a grant for their school, what a great opprtunity.

Jennifer G said...

What an opportuntiy for underprivileged schools to jump on! When I taught in urban districts of Baltimore and DC technology was at an all time low. This type of grant can make it possible for teachers to get assistance with bringing tech into their classes. Great opportunity that I will pass it on to my former colleagues.