Sunday, January 18, 2009

Inauguration Expedition: Road to the White House Video Reports

GlobalSchoolnet is sponsoring a wonderful activity for students, K-12, helping them to understand different views across the country as the Inaugural of President Barack Obama is underway. Check out the site, listen to at least a couple of the videos, if not more than a couple, and post your comments about the potential of the site and the use of online expeditions.

Phillip K. Ireland has created the Inauguration Expedition, traveling from California to Washington D.C. over 10 days in time for the Inauguration, January 20. Each day, he interviewed people at different stops, gathering their views of the country and the direction they would like to see Obama and the country go. Topics include hope, courage, unity and division, and tolerance. Ireland has stopped as of last Friday in Escondido, California; Willcox, Arizona; Merykl, Texas; Gurton, Arkansas; and Stanton, Tennessee: his stops and short videos at each will give viewers insights into small-town America's views on country.

After viewing a couple or more of the videos, post your comments about the project. As time permits, also explore other expeditions that GlobalSchoolnets has been sponsoring. Bookmark the site under your Favorites, and return to explore further, considering how you might use the site in your own teaching. The site covers many areas of the curriculum, often in cross-disciplinary ways.

For now, let us know what you think of the Inauguration Expedition: Road to the White House Video Reports. Post a comment, please! Use this direct link to go to the page with the videos:

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