Wednesday, February 18, 2009

PowerPoint Tutorial

Check out this tutorial to learn about PowerPoint and how to use it.

Post your response to the tutorial.


Anonymous said...

I like the step by step approach to learning how PowerPoint works. It took a great deal of time to peruse the various sections. I have used PowerPoint very little but many of the instructions came back to me. I think the tutorial would be more productive if it was interactive whild explaining the facets of PowerPoint. Now I can hardly wait to begin learning PowerPoint again! I want to use for teaching and to teach the students as well. I do believe many students are quite adept at PowerPoint so they could teach me as well as the class.

Anonymous said...

I just blogged but hit anonymous by mistake. The anonymous is really from me.

Kathy V. said...

I am hitting the wrong identity so I will try again. I have the two previous anonymous comments. Hope the name comes through this time.

Christine said...

I thought this tutorial was well laid out in simple a step by step format. However, I would definitely prefer, for myself and students with reading difficulties, if the tutorial had an audio component. I feel that students would find it boring to seat behind a computer and read through all of this text. I also agree with Kathy in that an interactive module would be much more beneficial for students. We must consider all types of learners when presenting our instruction.

Carla said...

I have to agree with everyone thus far on this blog that the tutorial would be more effective if it were interactive. It was helpful to see the step-by-step directions, but without PowerPoint loaded next to the tutorial to try the steps as they were presented, it was a little tricky to reproduce. I did like the "quick quiz" link at the bottom of each section which allowed the reader to see if they remembered one of the new topics. I do think this tool would be hard to use with students because it doesn't motivate and it doesn't appeal to non-visual learners.

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