Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Future is Now!

To excel in the 21st century, not only do you need to excel in writing but the use of visual imagery and multimedia in general. Please listen to this YouTube video, The Future is Now, delivered to the Board of Governors of Rutgers University. Although the video is intended for a higher education audience, it has implications for all of us in the field of education. What does the video imply for teaching on the K-12 level in any area? How do we need to change our teaching to catch up to where we are now? Image from:


Liz Ruiz said...

Wow! In my school district we have just started to talk about 2.0 multimedia programs and the idea of written documents being composed by multiple authors with the use of moving images and manipulatives as another form of expression. Where do we begin to implement this in the public K-12 system? I would start in English and language arts classes in kindergarten. Where will schools get the money for these new programs and systems that will become obsolete in a year? Perhaps the better question is how do we keep up with the fast pace of change in computer technology while keeping students abreast of the changes?

Meg Newkirk said...

Based on the presentation, I think 2.0 multimedia programs are something that should be incorporated in public schools as early as possible, even if that means middle school. I think it is an exciting way for students to be able to present projects, while being able to show creativity in a new way.

Scott Kossbiel said...

This video does have a great deal of merit to it, and it is neat to see professors at the college level getting so ingrained in this use of technology with it's students. As an elementary teacher, I feel I must be at the forefront and give these students the base that they need to move forward in the technological world. My only challenge will to be at the forefront as a teacher and not play catch up. I want to invent, not copy.

Kate said...

The incorporation of 2.0 multimedia programs is an innovative idea. I am glad to see that this incorporation is happening at the collegiate level. In order to get students ready for this it is our responsibility at the elementary level to expose children to this creative process. It would be wonderful if there were 2.0 multimedia programs in elementary schools. What a great way to teach students at an early age how to create text, use pictures, and videos in a way to express their learning in a completely different way that goes beyond the use of PowerPoint. I agree with Scott in that I would also love to be at the forefront of developing a multimedia program to use at the elementary level. I think students would benefit from this in ways that we never would have seen before. It would almost be like a revolution especially for those students who struggle with expressing themselves the the conventional paper and pencil method. What doors this would open to all students. I think that all students would be enthused and motivated to work with a 2.0 multimedia program. As educators we need to advocate the importance of integrating 2.0 multimedia programs in the classroom to enhance student learning.

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