Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Declaration of Independence

For those of you who have not seen this video of history in action, thought I would share it. What ideas does it bring to mind for teaching?


Jenny C said...

Listening to the Declaration of Independence was powerful. I have never taken the time to read it before. Hearing it read by the actors was really moving. I listened to Morgan Freeman's introduction to the reading and I was reminded of how one person's writing; Thomas Jefferson's could leave such a mark. Knowing that he wrote this at the age of 33 is really amazing to me. I think that high school students could be left with the same impression as I have.

Corinne K said...

Another wonderful idea for catching the interest of students: making a powerful reading of an extremely important document and giving it a special resonance by letting famous actors do the reading! It will give it a modern twist and show that this is still valuable for our times