Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Top 10 Web Tools for Educators, from Harvard Education Letter

For setting up websites to keep students current, Google Sites and Weebly are listed as the top tools.  Edmodo ranks at the top for posting assignments and other notices and for students to upload work and communicate with peers (see image to the right).

Wikispaces remains a popular tool for students to collaborate in creating web pages.

To set up forums, Chatzy or TodaysMeet allow students to collaborate in real time.  Twitter is not only catching on for microblogging, but is one of the fastest growing social networking sites, outpacing Facebook according to some sources.  Vocaroo and Voki record voices and other sounds for embedding in \web pagesn and the like.  Poll Everywhere is used to gather students' opinions.

For more information on these tools, check the Harvard Education page, Top 10 Tools for Educators. Let us know which of these tools are you use and how students respond. Which tools would you like to try and why?


Suzanne said...

I wonder which of these tools are used by students and teachers on a regular basis. For instance, does Weebly get much use, or do teachers have to use approved website tools sponsored by their school systems? Is Voki used much by students? Just curious.

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Its great.. I do support the use of computers or websites in class rooms. Because, it helps the students to understand their studies as well as gives general knowledge. Thanks for sharing the information with us.

Kate said...

I am currently looking of a way to post assignments, class information, make up work and possible ways for students to converse about a topic from different classes but same course. I thought of a wiki page. I am not sure if this is the best way to go or if creating a Google Site or Weebly would be better. I want one place students can go to get all the information for the class. Any feedback?

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