Friday, May 9, 2014

Look Up: What's the Tech World Doing to Us?

This video, though it used tech to create it and post it to YouTube to share, has a powerful message about how we are glued to our devices. The narration is done as a poem and questions us about how tech is isolating us.

You've heard the message before, but wanted to share the video because of the interesting way it was done and the images that were used.

Have you thought of disconnecting from tech? Does it take a storm (e.g., hurricane, tornado or other natural disaster when we lose power) to disconnect? Do you agree with the message in the video?

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Amanda said...

Thank you for sharing this video. It was very well narrated! I agree with the narrator that we must be present in the moment. Technology has so much to offer as far as expanding learning and engagement, but I believe it is just as important to foster personal interactions between each other and the world around us. The most compelling part was when he touched upon childhood. As with everything, life should be lived with a balance between technology and personal interactions. Technology should be used to enhance life not take away from life experiences with people or the world.