Friday, November 4, 2016

Students Leading the Role in Teaching about Digital Citizenship

A few years ago, a social studies department chair, Paul Fitzpatrick, at Northwest Catholic High School, Connecticut, had his students lead the way in teaching one another about digital citizenship. At the time, he shared with me some videos his 9th grade Civics class produced for the unit of study.

Over the last couple of year, I have been teaching a course, Technology and Learning, to teachers enrolled in a Educational Technology Graduate Education Program. One of the themes of the course is Digital Citizenship. In an effort to encourage these teachers to have their own students lead the way in teaching about Digital Citizenship, I like to showcase the work of Mr. Fitzpatrick's students.

In the past, I have placed the videos in EdPuzzle for out-of-class viewing aligned with the Flipped Classroom model. This time around, I decided to share the videos, which are already publicly available on YouTube, thus therein with permission to insert them here.

Here are four of the videos.

Public Service Announcements (PSAs) , created by 9th graders, edited with iMovie

a) Bullying, Digital Citizenship

b) Identify Theft, Digital Citizenship

c) Prevention of Cyberbullying, Digital Citizenship

d) Plagiarism and Academy Integrity, Digital Citizenship

An additional recent example created by middle school students to promote kindness.

Your responses to any of the individual videos and to the concept of students taking the lead to communicate messages about Digital Citizenship are welcomed.

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