Wednesday, February 7, 2007

New Survey Finds Teachers Lag in Media Literacy

Once again, teachers come up short in a survey. A survey commissioned by Cable in the Classroom (CIC) found that 60 percent of educators said schools were not preparing students to be media savvy for the 21st century. Young people turn to the television and the Internet for their news, not the newspaper. Yet, literacy instruction in the schools give little attention to critical analysis of the media. The new generation creates websites, blogs, and podcasts, authoring and publishing for wide audience. Shouldn’t educators assume some responsibility for helping the young use these tools wisely? The survey results also found 80 percent of the educators claimed they were not prepared to teach media literacy.
To read more about the survey, go to this EdNews story:
For the National Council of Teachers of English's "Position Statement on Cmposing with Non-Print Media, follow this link:

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ssoucy said...

Teachers definitely need to become more media savvy. Critical analysis of internet sources is a must. Many students cannot distinguish between research sites and opinion sites. Also, there are many sites that purposely distort the truth, and many students think that if the info is on the net, then it must be true.

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