Wednesday, January 31, 2007

History Teacher's Podcasts Cater to Millions

Lars Brownworth, a history teacher from Long Island, New York, is one of the most famous educational podcasters. At "12 Byzantine Rulers: The History of The Byzantine," listeners will discover 12 podcasts, starting with the ruler Diocletian in 284 and concluding with Constantine in 1453. According to The New York Times, Lars' 12-series podcasts is one of the top 5 educational podcasts on iTunes and in the top 50 of all podcasts. Reaching a global audience, this social studies teacher has garnered rock star fame, with listeners tuning in from all over the world. In December 2006, Lars' "12 Byzantine Rulers" drew 140,910 hits. In total, Lars has a million listeners, and demand keeps growing. Quite impressive for a 31-year-old classroom teacher with only a bachelor's degree. (See The New York Times, January 31, 2007 to learn more.) To go directly to the Lars' podcasts, click on


Stacey Britner said...

I would absolutely love to be a famous teacher some day!!!

bryan said...

I think it is an amzing and innovative idea to create pod casts of ones lessons. Mr. Brownworth has taken full advantage of the technological opportunities presented to him. Not only is he able to educate his students in a new and accessible way, but he is also able to educate the rest of the world at the same time. Over 1 million listerner! that is amazing. Who said history was dead? No pun intended. As more and more advances in technology become available we as educators should take advantage of this new technology as best we can in order to facilitate learners of various abilities and preferences. Having unrestricted access to a teachers lecture notes can be very benefical to students who are auditorilly inclined. Whether they are pod casts, web blogs, video blogs technology can be utilized to enhance learning in an ever changing world.

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