Monday, January 29, 2007

Podcasting: What is It and Why Do It?

Both Merriam Webster Dictionary and The New Oxford American Dictionary online claim that "podcasting" was the most looked up word last year. So, what exactly is podcasting? It is audio taping a soundtrack for downloading via a MP3 or similar device. Podcasts transmit interviews, news, commentaries, and just about any audio broadcast. The old days when folks sat around listening to radio programs is back but with a new slant. Anywhere an iPod or mobile (laptop or notebook) goes, so goes a podcast. The name derives from the ubiquitous iPod.

Most podcasts run from 30 to 60 minutes. If you have the gift of gab, podcasting might be your salvation. Think of audio-taping all of your lessons. But, is podcasting easy to do? To podcast, audio taping software and a microphone are a must; and, listeners need an audio player, i.e., a MP3 or an iPod to download files. So, with that in mind, does podcasting fit into your future? Listen to some educational podcasts, and ponder the possibilities.

Learning-hand-in education site explains the phenomenon in education at:

Thinking of creating your own podcast? Read this step-by-step guide:

Here is another beginner’s guide to podcasting:

“All the World’s a Podcast" clarifies what a podcast is and isn’t:

BBC article on podcasting explains what it is and why it is profitable:

More to come on podcasting in another blog--stay tuned.

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