Sunday, January 28, 2007

Pathways to Technology Magnet School.

The Sheff versus O'Neill legal case, fought 20 years ago, was controversial from the start. Some argue not much has been done in two decades to turn the tide of segregated schools in the state. In the last several years, magnet schools have popped up. To date, the magnets in Hartford remain predominantly Hispanic and black. The proposed Pathways to Technology Magnet adds to the controversy. Some argue that the site for the school on Broad Street near I-84 is not suitable due to traffic flow and lack of open space. At present, the site is not zoned for a school, and an appeal is pending for a change of status on the land use. As Hartford and surrounding towns consider existing magnet schools, educators and parents alike wonder if magnets address the intent of the Sheff discrimination suit. Read more about the case in The Hartford Courant using the link:,0,2791916.story

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