Monday, January 29, 2007

Teens Live by Blogs

In the age of the Internet and blogs, young people think nothing of exposing their inner feelings and daily lives to others. Online diaries supplant old-fashioned, private diaries. Yet, parents, school administrators, and other adults worry that teens are exposing themselves. Teens discount the possibility that college admission personnel and employees will snoop the Internet and eavesdrop on blogs. Teens see blogs as a nifty way to keep in touch with friends and claim that blogs make them care about what they write.

For the young, the power to vent and reach out to others makes blogging attractive. It goes beyond the power of cell phones and instant messaging, but demands more of the speaker. Keeping up a blog is work!

To hear what young bloggers say about the pros of blogging, read this January 8, 2007 Hartford Courant article.,0,7329014.story?coll=hc-headlines-technology

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jwilson said...

Teens sometimes use blogs irresponsibly. They have on occasion used the blogs in a hurtful manner. Students create a blog to make comments about individuals and often bashing of a personality happens.

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