Monday, January 22, 2007

Websites to Use in the Classroom

Check out these sites and write your comments about them. For multisubject sites, particularly for K-8, check out Scholastic's Teacher Section at Click on the Online Activities for web-based curriculum materials. Explore the rest of the site for standards-based lesson plans and reproducibles. Can Teach at offers lesson plans, links, and other resources for elementary school teachers.

For language arts lessons ideas for grades 5-6, look into The Teacher's Desk at CyberGuides,, offers web-based units on literature. Guides contain a teacher and student section, a task for students to do, a list of related websites, and an evaluative rubric.

For math, check the SCORES Mathematics Lessons site at The site follows National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards. MathStories at offers math word problems classified by grade level and topic. The site requires a subscription, but check the site for general information about what is available. An all-time favorite in the math area is Math Forum Internet Mathematics Library at

If you are looking for sites that provide access to Web Quests, as well as a range of other instructional materials, take a look at at

Some sites related to the social studies curriculum include Archiving Early America at for primary sources. Shotgun's Home of the Civil War at will appeal to Civil War buffs, and provides a wealth of information for teachers who address this topic in the curriculum. For information in the Revolutionary War, try WPI Military Science at

In the science area, for information on the 7-12 grade levels, look into CEEE GirlTECH Lesson Plans at SCORE Science at offers lessons and activities by grade level, K-12. One recommended example is on Newton's Laws. For amusing science site, try I Can Do That! at Rock Hound at, as the title suggests, focuses on rocks. The parent site, Franklin Institute Online Wired@School, offers a variety of science lessons. Newton's Apples at is another site with an array of science lessons and is stems from the television show of the same name.

AskERIC Lesson Plans at offers a collection of biology lesson plans, and the parent site at just AskERIC is an old-time favorite.

These collection of sites are compiled by Vicki Sharp in Computers Education for Teachers (5th ed.).

If any of the links do not work, email me at, and I will get back to you with updates. If you find any of these sites useful, please post a comment with your reactions.

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Lauren Alix said...

These websites are a great resource for teachers, I really liked the "Can Teach" website because it offered some great lesson/unit ideas that can be intergrated into a variety of curriculums.

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