Sunday, August 30, 2009

Do Cell Phones Fry the Brain?

According to Australian researchers, cell phones make children more impulsive and quicker but not better thinkers. However, use of the phones does not fry the brain. To read more about the study, check out Dennis Baron's blog post on The Web of Language: Cell Phones Make Kids Faster, Not Smarter. Let us know your thoughts after reading the blog post. (image 1: Baron's blog; image 2:


Jessica said...

Cell phones are becoming everyone's personal sidekick for communication, directions, looking up information on the web, accessing music and more. In one way, they help people access information easily and quickly. In another way, they seem to be taking the place of personable social experiences and relating to one another.

kim demc said...

Cell phones are impossible to manage in a high school. Kids are so busy textings they don't talk to the student next to them.

Abel said...

I am not a big fun of cell phones. I consider unnecessary for children to use cell phones at school. They spend a lot time texting instead of having a verbal conversation.