Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Professional Organizations’ Facebook Pages

If you use Facebook, you might want to receive feeds from your professional organizations, or if you prefer, save the URLs in your bookmark folder and access the pages without using a Facebook account. Here are examples of five professional organizations with Facebook pages:

National Council of Teachers of Math at:
If you check out any of the Facebook pages of a professional organization, let us know your response. If you know of other organizations with Facebook pages, share with us this information.


Cristin V said...

Just checked out the AATF's facebook page. It's fantastic! There are announcements for upcoming conferences, trips, etc. I even saw a job posting on the wall! There are people asking for tips on websites to use, programs to subscribe to, trips to take, etc. Each question has plenty of responses. It looks like a great forum for teachers to interact, share ideas, and learn from each other.For example, one woman asked if there was a way for American French students to communicate with native speakers. This is something I am actually looking to do with my class also, as part of my TEAM program as a "beginning teacher." I'm really glad I have this tool at my disposal (and on Facebook of all places!)I will definitely get a lot of use out of it.

Heather said...

Although I am a big facebook user, I never thought of it as a way to showcase different educational groups. When facebook first started it was just a way to find people that had things in common with you, and now look what it has become! I found the links very helpful, and especially enjoyed the readwritethink page. I feel that this organization is great for teachers. My only complaint is that the discussions don't seem to be updated. The only one was about a conference back in December 2009. Other than that, I think that using facebook to gather groups of interested teachers is a great tool!

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Linda said...

This is a great site for teachers. I have been using the EU's blogs and notifications about technology in hopes that I could connect by SKYPE to a class.


Linda Turbide said...

I looked at the facebook page for Spanish teachers and was happy to see many participating teachers in the US. I have been communicating with EU educators for a year on email and facebook.

Both are helpful places to find technological resources. There are many sites listed each day for appropriate use of technology to teach. Networking is easier with these sites. It makes it easy to find classes to SKYPE with in Spanish as well as finding ideas for teaching the curriculum that may or may not include technology. I am happy to have a way to communicate with other teachers of foreign languages and Spanish in a convenient medium.

Next year I am creating an Exploratory Class for high school. The class will focus on culture of many different places and will include basic phrases in the languages used in various cultures. Technology will be helpful, and the Spanish teacher's site on Facebook will be a valuable resource and support.

Linda Turbide said...

I looked at the Spanish site. It is a good additional site. I am always looking for ideas. I also receive news from ACTFL. They email me with the latest news, jobs, etc. I found
and decided that the European Union educators have some wonderful ideas and links! Has anyone else been reading their forum? The only problem might be too many emails from them. But all have ideas and information that I have not seen on ACTFL.


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