Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You Don't Have a Blog Yet, What Are You Waiting For?

Ideally, teachers should maintain a website. Even more ideal, they need a blog. Check the 20 Top Teacher Blogs from Scholastic's Instructor magazine to see what other teachers are doing. Let us know what you think of some of the blogs listed, and tell us of other teacher blogs you follow or find useful. Use the Index on this blog, Computers in the Classroom, to find other postings about blogging.


Glenn S said...

I read through all of the sample blogs listed here and found them quite interesting and informative. Not only that, but they helped me understand how I can use a blog to make my mathematics class more iteresting and engaging for my students. While there were no blogs related specifically to secondary mathematics, these examples have given me some great ideas to create my own blog which I plan on doing during this class.

Corinne K said...

I like the idea that you can go and read other teachers' blog. Suddenly you are not the only one dealing with the particular issue and you are not the only one crazy about her job and at times made crazy by it! A great platform to share and be reassured...

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