Thursday, August 23, 2012

!0 Must-Reads for the New School Year

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Ed Tech K-12, an online site, offers some excellent links to read up on ideas for implementing technology in the classroom. Access the web page, note the descriptions for each suggestion, and click on those suggestions that most interest you. Once you find what is most helpful to you, please be sure to share feedback with others by leaving a comment. Tell us why your selections will be most useful to you and why you think others should check the recommendations. Here is the link to access the information: 10 Must-Read for the New School Year.

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Danielle N. said...

The must-read that most spoke to me from this list was "21 Reasons Technology Works for Education" because some of the statistics are eye-opening and concerning, while at the same time others are positive. The fact that only 39% of high school students feel their schools are meeting their technology expectations is frightening. Furthermore, only 34% think that the budget is the problem. This means a majority of kids feel that teachers/schools are not in touch with their lives and not invested in growing and changing. How can we teach students to develop a love of learning if they already feel that they are NOT learning and that some of their teachers are not making the effort to learn in the 21st century either? This I believe highlights one major problem, which is that some teachers are roadblocks on the path to change. On the other hand. less than half of the teachers surveyed feel that the technology they have available to them in their classrooms is meeting their expectations, which I believe highlights the other main problem, which is that teachers want to use technology but are working with limited resources. The one item most students agree on (94%) is that learning and mastering technology skills will better their life and career opportunities, a fact we must all embrace and act on. Currently in my school teachers are writing grants and creating technology wish lists. I will share these statistics with them to help make our cases that we need equipment and professional development in order to incorporate more technology into the school day.