Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Learning a Little More About You

I came across a high school social studies teacher's blog, Sites and Apps for Students, in which she learned about her students by asking them about websites they use. Check her post and the student responses at: Learning a Bit More About You.

Leaving a Digital Legacy by Corey Dahl, via Flickr www.flickr.com/...
Basically, the assignment asked to select 3 or 4 websites or apps they use regularly and to think about what information an historian in 50 years might learn about them based on the kinds of site or apps they were using.

Because I liked the assignment, I have duplicated her questions below. Use the comment section to indicate your responses to these two questions:

1) What websites or apps do you use regularly?
2) What might an historian looking at your response learn about you?

As the teacher did the assignment herself, I thought I would do same by way of also introducing myself to you.

The websites and apps I use the most are Gmail, Google Apps (including Google Doc and Google Sites), Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, Diigo, Pinterest, and Flickr.

The use of the Gmail and Google Apps speaks to my interest in keeping frequently used tools all in one place. I can access email through Gmail and immediately see toolbars to access Google Doc (Drive), Google Search, and other Google apps. An historian would see that I like convenience, sharing, and organization.

Twitter has been an excellent tool for professional development and finding information for my teaching. I follow enough educators and others to have available to me daily a wealth of information. I have connected my Twitter account to Buffer and Shareholic, but prefer Buffer because it allows me to repost others' tweets and add to the tweets and to tweet easily any information I find online including shortening the URL for the information. Once a URL is included in a tweet, another follower can click on it to access the information. My use of Twitter would show an historian I like to keep current of educational trends and to share information with others.

My use of Diigo and Pinterest helps me archive website and other information. An historian would see that I a good curator, who organizes and saves resources. Diigo is text based whereas as Pinterest is visually based. I enjoy having information in both a text and visual format.

Dropbox is used like Google Doc to archive files as backups and so I can access my files from any computer. I tend to use Google Doc more so for collaboration and Dropbox for storing my own files, including word processed documents, spreadsheets, and pictures. Flickr is another site I use to archive photos, but I also like to use this site to find pictures that people have stored there that others can freely use. This is convenient for finding free images that the user grants others permission to use.

As for Facebook, a historiam would see I like to keep in touch with friends, but would also see that I follow sites that have professional information and post photographs. I have a strong interest in photography and wonder where this art form will be in 50 years from now. I also wonder what an historian will need to do to access electronic files we created in 2012.

What about you? What are your favorite websites and apps that you use regularly? What will an historian looking back on what you list learn about you as a person.


Danielle N. said...

1. The websites/apps I use most frequently on a daily basis are Facebook, Gmail, yahoo, and MyFitnessPal (as of late).

2. Living in a digital society and having an iPhone definitely enables me to check my Facebook probably more often each day than I should. I use Facebook primarily as a means of social connection with family and friends. This social connection may happen in real time when I use the Facebook messenger but more often it consists of me browsing pages to "catch up" on others' lives. When I have time, I also like to post pictures of things that have happened recently in my life. I have also used Facebook to plan social events and create invitations to others. An historian would recognize my need for social connection and my desire to maintain strong relationships with family/friends. He/She might also see that I like organization and value experiences I have had, as my photo albums are generally organized according to time and special event.

I also check my Gmail account multiple times a day, as this is the email address I use at school in my professional life. Our school uses Gmail for email communication as well as Google docs and calendar, which are vital in keeping track of my schedule as well as pertinent information to my role. An historian would see my dedication to my students, students' families, fellow colleagues, outer community, and my job in general. Again, he/she would see my need for organization, as all my emails are organized into clearly labeled folders for easy access.

Yahoo is a site I use very often mainly for my personal email communication (2 addresses) and for article reading/perusing and world news. I also use yahoo sometimes as a search engine, although I am more likely to use google. An historian would see that I engage in yet another means of social communication because it is clearly important to me and, if sifting through emails, would also discover an admitted love of online shopping. An historian would also realize my love of laughter in the funny emails from friends I save, and also that I cherish special emails from friends and loved ones, as I have many old emails still saved.

A newfound recent love of mine has been the app My Fitness Pal that I have on my iPhone, which was introduced to me by a friend this past summer. I began using My Fitness Pal while getting in shape for my wedding and used it to track my daily calories, exercise, and weight, which helped to keep me working hard toward my goals. It also increased my awareness of the calorie content in different foods, which was at times interesting and surprising. An historian might say that I am interested in living a fit lifestyle and that I have a detailed daily plan that, followed accurately, does work. At a time in life when obesity is a national issue, historians may see that more Americans are tuning into their health and making efforts to improve their overall well-being.

Brianna said...

The websites I use the most are AOL, Pinterest, Facebook, and Blogger. As for apps, I am constantly checking my weather channel app, Poynt and I Heart Radio

Using AOL on my computer as well as my Driod lets me stay connected throughout the day. I find that staying connected to email is a good tool when looking for a job and allows a faster response to employers. This says that I like to stay in touch with what's going on and prompt when it comes to response time.

I just discovered Pinterest and I am on it constantly. I am going to group my obsession with Pinterest with my Blog as I am usually on both at the same time. I love the ideas I get for cooking, DIY projects and teaching from Pinterest. I also love that I can organize my boards so that ideas are easy to find. When I find recipes or projects that I do try, they often go on my blog which is based on my cooking. These sites really speak to what interests me. I love to cook, I love to share my cooking and I need organization in my life to stay sane. I am crafty and very much enjoy being at home.

Facebook again is all about the sharing for me. I like to see what my friends are up to, I like sharing what I am up to and it allows me to stay in touch with friends when hectic lives make it hard to get together. Facebook would allow a historian to visually get an idea of my life, what I like to do and who is a big part of my life based on the number of pictures they are tagged in.

I am new to Smart phones but I love the Weather Channel app as I am addicted to following severe weather, perhaps I was a tornado chaser in a past life? I like planning and that includes the weather. It shows that I am a bit of a control freak and need to know when it's going to rain, if we are getting 5 feet of snow etc. so that I can plan and prepare well in advance.

I constantly use Poynt to find movie times, places to eat, gas prices etc. This would again be the planner coming out in me. But it also says that I am out and about most of the time.

And finally, I heart radio says that I need music in my life. It's set to country channels so one would see that I am a fun, simple girl who needs music to go with her mood.

Christina N said...

The websites/apps that I use most frequently are Pinterest, Facebook, and Gmail/Google Apps.

With Pinterest, I use it for not only personal reasons but as a professional development. Many of the content I save are links to sites with creative ideas I would never have thought of. A historian might see that I am creative and like to do projects of all sorts, from cooking to home d├ęcor. Many of my bulletin board ideas in my classroom came from Pinterest.

The second website I use almost daily is Facebook. A historian will see that I enjoy keeping in touch with family and friends. They would see that family is a major part of my life and I enjoy spending time with them.

Gmail/Google apps help me to organize my life. A historian will see that I like to be organized and make it a point to keep all my appointments. As I teach, go to grad school, volunteer at my church, I have many responsibilities and Google Apps helps me to keep track of everything I am doing.

Mary Beth Cadieux said...
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Mary Beth Cadieux said...

The websites I use most are Google, an App named "Is that Gluten Free?”, Hotmail, Facebook, and Pinterest. 

I use Google throughout the day on my computer or my husband's Iphone in order to answer questions. I Google anything that I don't know that pops up in a conversation or I want to know more about. Historians would be able to see clearly from my search history that I am an inquisitive person who appreciates facts. 

Secondly, my husband has an App on his phone entitled "Is that Gluten Free?", which impacts my life hugely. Because I have Celiac, I am unable to eat wheat, rye or barley or even anything that was processed on mixed equipment. Therefore, we spend a good deal of time looking up everything while at the grocery store. This App has saved me so much time because I no longer have to call all of the toll free numbers on the back of products in the grocery store. A historian would learn what a hassle being gluten free is in a gluten filled world. Also, a historian would see that I constantly need to re look food up because companies change how they process food fairly frequently, so being gluten free requires constant attention. 

I use Hotmail daily. I always email with my mother throughout the day, as email is the best way to stay in touch. Currently, sent folder is also filled with applications to different teaching application. (Unfortunately, my inbox is not yet filled with employment offers.) Historians would see that I am an English teacher looking for a job and that I have a very close relationship with my mom. They would also see that my mother loves emails that contain pictures of cats with humorous captions. 

Lastly, I have a Facebook and a Pinterest that I use socially. I have pinned clothes, recipes, home accessories, holiday decor and books that make me happy. And although I go on Facebook, I do not post often, as I mostly go on to look at pictures. These pages would tell a historian that I am fun and easily made happy.

Rachael said...

1. The websites or apps I use most regularly are facebook, pinterest, gmail, and blogilates.

2. A historian would look at my use of facebook and see that I use it as a tool to keep in touch with friends, family, and even coworkers. Many of my friends and family live in places all over the country and facebook allows me to keep in touch with them and keep them updated on my life as well. It is a means of communication through messages and wallposts and is also a place where I can keep and organize my personal photos. A historian would see that I value connections with my friends and family. Facebook is also a great tool to keep in touch with coworkers from present and past employment and to share ideas and information with them.
I use pinterest to organize things that I love. A historian would note from my pinterest board that I love cooking, traveling, and fashion. A historian would be able to see what things are important to me. I also use pinterst for professional reasons, as a way to keep track of information regarding teaching that I find on the internet. A historian would learn that I am organized by looking at my pinterest boards.
Gmail is something I use on a daily basis, I have a personal and a work accound and check them both several times a day. A historian would see that I am orgnaized by looking at my Gmail folders that I use to categorize my mail. A historian would also see that I value my work and my connections with people that I work with and for.
Blogilates is a website as well as a youtube channel that I have been using for about a year. I use this website almost daily (or try to). The website is also a blog and it is created by a pilates instructor. I use the pilates videos to stay in shape. A historian would learn that I like to exercise and be healthy.

Felicia's Blog said...

1. I primarily use Yahoo/Gmail, Kelly Educational Staffing and Facebook. The apps that i use on a daily basis are Instagram, Pandora, and the Weather Channel.

2. The websites I use on a daily basis allow me to stay connected to different aspects of my life. Yahoo and Gmail are both linked to my phone. I am able to receive information about deals my favorite stores are having, all of my bills are wireless so this comes to my emails, and I communicate with most professors and my supervisor this way.

I am constantly on the Kelly Staffing site, again on my phone, looking for assignments for work. As a Substitute, I have the freedom of choosing my schedule, and I really prefer to be prepared for my day before it arrives. Thus, i do not like to wait until the 5:30 in the morning to receive an automated call about a subbing assignment. Additionally, by going directly to the website I have more freedom of deciding on which district and grade level I want to work in each day.

Like many other people, I use Facebook for social networking. Although, I have become more of a lurker in that I read about what my friends are doing more than I share details or "statuses" about my daily living. Still, I do use it to communicate with individuals I do not see often.

A Historian would learn that I love capturing "Kodak" moments, as I am currently on Instagram more than any other app. I have to admit though that I use the app more for it's editing abilities, as I will crop and change the finish on a photo, upload it then delete it. This way I do not share every moment.

Otherwise my frequent use of Pandora would show that I am a music lover of various genres, and I create stations that combine random musicians into one.

The weather app on my phone allows me to know the weather in the different towns I may encounter throughout the week. I can plan for the weather in Middletown where my daughter attends school and Cranston, RI where I visit at least one weekend a month.

I think most of the apps I frequent would say that I attempt to have some control over things in my life. I listen to Pandora often (especially in the car) because it's at least my choice of style and artists, as well as, I check the weather often because I have to be prepared. I think the websites I frequent show I am also about convenience, since I prefer to have immediate access to something I enjoy (shopping), I prefer to manage my billable accounts, and I prefer to communicate with most relevant to my profession all via email.

Christina R. said...

Christina R.

1.The websites/apps I use most are google, prezi, facebook, and lose it.

2. I use google on a daily basis to check my email, search for new ideas for art lessons and/or strategies for my classroom, as well as for personal projects around my house. A historian would see me as someone who likes to stay up to date with current trends in art education, keeping up with communication amongst colleagues and friends via email, and that I am a crafty person who is constantly in search of new and unique projects.

I check my facebook page daily, however, I very rarely post anything about my day to day activities. I usually just respond to my friends posts about their wedding anniversaries, baby announcements, accomplishments, or various events. I enjoy able to keep in touch with friends and family that I do not get to see often, both near and far. Though I value greatly a good phone conversation, facebook allows communication on those in between times where you may not have the time to make a call, but you want to say a quick hello or congratulate a family member or friend. A historian would recognize me as being someone who cherishes their family and friends, and likes to stay in touch with them, whether they are close by or in another state.

I discovered prezi a couples years ago, and I love this web 2.0 tool. It is wonderful to have access to all of your presentations anywhere. I love not having to worry about using a flash drive, and value that the way I created my presentation is the way it will show up, no matter where I am. PowerPoint is a tool of the past, I it is such a frustrating software for the simple fact that it is not universal. I hate that after I spent hours/days creating a presentation to make it aesthetically pleasing, that it may not show up on another computer, the same way I created it. Prezi, however, always shows up exactly how you created it, no matter what computer on, because it is a web 2.0 tool and no software is needed to use it.
A historian would see that I love creating interesting and aesthetically pleasing presentations for my students and for fellow colleagues. A historian would see that I am not afraid to speak in front of a crowd and that I work hard to make presentations interesting. He/she would also see that I love having easy access to all of my presentations without the hassle of remembering a flash drive or cd.

Lastly, I recently got into lose it. It is a website, but I use the app on my phone. I am trying to shed a few lbs, and this is an app that allows me to track what I eat and gives me a calorie count on each food I eat. It gives me my daily calorie allowance, and when I record an activity I've done, whether its cleaning my house, walking, mowing my lawn or working out at the gym, it recalculates how many extra calories I can eat. The other bonus feature is that you can share your weight loss journey with a friend and together you can motivate each other to stay on track. A historian would be able to see that I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle and love having my friends right along with me for support.