Sunday, May 25, 2008

Blogs for Teaching
Looking for some ideas for using a blog in your teaching. Check out the link above, and see if it helps. Let us know how helpful you find what Education Week offers on its blogboard for accessing samples of teacher blogs. Post your comments. Also, if you know of teacher blogs we should check out, post their URLs.
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Jennifer Garlinski said...

I am embarressed to admit I don't know very much about blogs. When I was pregnant people were always directing me to look at different blogs of pregnant women and new moms. But, I never had the time.

After looking at Education Week's Educator Blog's, I realize you can actually just skim through until something hits you and then read more about it. I did not see a response component...I am still not sure how it could be used in an elementary classromm. Possibly like the discussions between theorists Ravitch and Meier.

To me a blog looks like an online diary of sorts related to a specific topic. I am interested in looking at the blogs that have been posted on the discussion board to find out more out teacher blogs used with students.

Judy Arzt said...

Jennifer, you would probably find a blog useful to contacting parents and preschools about the program you run. A blog would be an excellent way to keep your intended audience up to date. What do you think?

Jennifer G said...

I am looking for an easier way to keep parents up-to-date. Currently I send emails and snail mail. But, I would think to use a website before I would use a blog.

It sounds like once you start a blog it would be easier to maintain than a website. I am interested to find out more about how someone would start to set a blog up. Is there a format? Since I am not part of a school district I would have to go about it on my own. Is there an expense to setting one up? Your blog is not set up through SJC correct? I guess my question is where/how do teachers start their blogs?

Judy said...

Jennifer, I hope you read this comment. Go to, and do the Quick Tour. I could get you started in class if you prefer. Blogger is a free site connected with Google, but you don't have to worry about advertising. The blog you have been posting to was created with blogger, and I started it about two years ago, and just maintain it as a teaching tool. I can't say whether a blog or website would work better for your communicating with parents. It depends if you want to just furnish information or give them an opportunity to comment upon that information. If you want them to comment, use a blog. If you prefer not to receive the comments, use a website. From how you have described your business, though, a blog might be what you want, but be prepared because one parent can see another parent's comment, just as you see another student's comment in our class. You can limit the list of participants, so outsiders cannot post to the blog. I use an open blog, and just give the URL to students in my two classes, and let any of them post comments.

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