Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Kids Should See This

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The Kids Should See
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Check this excellent site, The Kids Should See This, for videos to use in the classroom. They range from science to music and other creative arts to any number of areas including the language arts. Browse through the collection, and let us know what you find that is of interest to you and what you might use in the classroom. If you have other favorite sites for finding videos to use in the classroom or a favorite educational video that you think we should see, please post information and a link for us. Thanks for sharing.


Christine said...

This website is phenomenal! I browsed through the first several pages of videos and content. One of my favorites was the NPR documentary on life in space. My class does not cover space in our curriculum, but I feel as though the students would certainly enjoy seeing the astronauts moving about the cabin and doing their daily routines with zero-gravity.

The second video that really caught my attention was the butterfly life cycle time lapse videos. The Black Swallowtail Butterfly emerging from its chrysalis is a truly moving video and it is very powerful to watch. I know the First Grade in my school studies this area.

I loved that one of the blogs has the author's purpose for creating the site: "This is the exact reason that I started this blog. So far, my guidelines have been that my kid(s) watch stuff that should also educate/entertain me, and that what I post here must be approved by my kid(s). My 3 year old co-curator has been a big help."

How true is this? As teachers, we spend a lot of time searching for material that is age appropriate and relevant. Bravo to the creators for taking the time to do so.

My only criticism of this website is that much of the content comes from YouTube. At my school, YouTube is blocked, even when the videos are posted on external sites. Obviously this could be worked around by capturing the flash video file and inserting it into SMARTnotebook or another Flash Video player.

Dan said...

I was also impressed by the different videos on this site. I spent way too much time just sitting and watching the videos and trying to think of how I can use them in my classroom. Unfortunately, as Christine points out, my school also blocks YOU TUBE, TEACHER TUBE, etc.
I have to wonder if simply going to YOU TUBE and clicking on the related content would take much more time than watching the postings on this site?

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