Sunday, August 28, 2011

Skype in the Classroom: Connecting Students across Schools

Connecting Classrooms with Skype describes a project connecting students in two states: Washington and North Carolina.  Students in both classes created PowerPoints on Native Americans and also created questions for their Skype exchange. The site Connecting Classrooms with Skype provides tips for creating cross-classroom Skype projects and contains some informative videos. Have you used Skype? Have you seen cases of classrooms Skyping with one another? What did you think of the Connecting Classrooms with Skype project? Was the Connecting Classrooms with Skype site helpful?


Dave C said...

I think that this is a GREAT idea. I am really interested in doing collaborative projects with my students and, after attending Honeywell Educators @ Space Academy, I worked with a team member to set up a cross-school, space science unit. Using Skype would have been GREAT to use for this!

Christine said...

I think this is an awesome idea! In my classroom, we are studying under the theme "Oh, The Places We'll Go!" and the ability to Skype with classrooms across the globe would accent our curriculum that much more. As a present substitution, we are taking the time to visit each "destination" via Google Earth. Skype would be a great addition, providing it was in line with our school's responsible use of technology guidelines. (Always important!)

Jenn O. said...

I love this idea. Every year our class corresponds via postal mail with students from Issaquah, WA. We share letters about our states and the regions in which we live. This would definitely make for a more engaging and authentic project. Any thoughts on narrowing the scope of the project? As the article stated state history was too broad and our projects tend to cover so much material. Wish me luck getting this passed through administration. I am definitely going to push for this type of project in my classroom this year.

Kate M. said...

What a great tool to use to connect curriculum with technology. I welcome the idea of collaborative projects with the students from different locations. I envision using this in my classroom not only with different states but possibly within our own state; inner city students connecting with rural areas students. It is always beneficial for students to have different perspectives on topics especially within my area of human development. Administration acceptance is the key.

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