Monday, August 8, 2011

Looking for Ideas for Students to Blog About

Check this resource: 10 Teen Blogging Topics to Jump Start Creative Ideas The topics apply to other age groups, as well, and will also help you think of new ideas. Which of these ideas would you use? What new ideas do you get from reading through these 10 topics?

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Jenn O. said...

I've been wondering lately how to incorporate blogging into my writing curriculum and this article had some really great ideas. Even though these ideas are directed towards teens they can be easily adapted to suit the younger children and still meet the standards. In fourth grade we study narrative writing until March then move to expository. I really liked the topic about writing about what you like most in a friend. This can be an excellent beginning of the year activity leading into showing good character qualities. Young students often need the guidence to showing them how to be a good friend in the classroom. I also liked the one about meeting someone famous. This in particular is one of the Language Arts strands we practice for CMTs. I would also add to the question what are some questions you would ask that person and why. Also, describing your dream vacation ties in nicely with the narrative story writing. So many ideas presented here to help me get started with blogging in the classroom. Now that I've seen these, it has made me think of another to add that we use for writing: One morning you open your closet and see stairs that weren't there before. Tell what happens next. Even if the students don't actually write a full narrative story at least they can gather ideas for future writing. Great article!!

Jamee Freitag said...

I really like the idea of letting students write about what they want appropriately through a prompt. When planning my own blog, I keep thinking about ways to keep students engaged in it.I love the idea of having each student write their own essay/response, but how should we be getting the students to read each others work? Could this be another assignment?

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