Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Still Not Sure about Twitter for Professional Development

Check out this Prezi about Twitter for professional development and about social media in general. Let us know your thoughts after you view the presentation.


Kate said...

I always viewed twitter as a way for people to tell their every move, i.e. celebrities - like another form of face book. I thought of it more as a social connection rather than a tool to use within the classroom. I would not say I am sold on using in the classroom yet because I am do not completely understand it but this Prezi has helped me become very interested in opening an account. And after hearing how others within my profession are using it, I should give it a chance to possible help enhance my teaching tools.

Christine said...

I am already a tweetaholic. As Kate said, I tend to use twitter for personal reasons (to inform celebrities of my every move... read: this is the internet, I am full of the sarcasm here!) But I do use Twitter to connect with friends and others that share the same interests. With that being said, I have begun using a separate account for my PLCs and find the searching education related hashtags (for those that are not familiar with the twitterverse, you can put something with a # attached to your tweet that signifies what you are talking about-- so if I am involved in #edchat, I can search for others that are talking about the same thing.)

I find that connecting with other teachers using this media is awesome! I have connected with teachers from England and Ireland and love to chat about the differences in our curriculum and such. I am very sold on using it for planning purposes. Kate, you should give it a try!

Beth said...

I can see this as being a great way to connect with other teachers and gather ideas. It may be interesting to see what a teacher on the other side of the country are doing in their classrooms. I have not yet tried the whole twitter thing, but this has helped to convience me that it is somethign that I need to look into. I also want to make sure that I am keeping up to date with my students and what types of technology they are using.

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