Thursday, November 17, 2011

Using Technology Successfully in the Classroom is a Mindset

Saw this slide show on Slide Share, and thought it was worth sharing with others. It makes several points about using technology in the classroom. We are reminded that the use of the technology is a mindset and not a technical skill. There are points made about problem-based learning, inquiry learning, and backwards design. The visuals help carry the message, so look through the entire presentation. Leave your comments. Did the presentation inspire you in any way? Did it deepen your appreciation for technology as supplementary to learning? What point was made about the use of technology as a mindset?

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Chandler P said...

This slideshare reaffirmed some of my beliefs about technology in the classroom. I believe that there was a time when technology could have simply been introduced to a class with little to no connection, because the scope of technology then did not allow teachers to be creative in their integration. These days, however, technology can, and needs to be, relevant to the lesson. There needs to be a reason to show students a video, a reason to use one specific blog platform instead of another. The idea of project based learning only strengthens when the project involves something that students are interested in, and teachers should take that into account when designing activities for their students to complete. This show displayed many of the different types of tools available for teachers to use to integrate technology into their classrooms. Finally, teachers must learn to take a back seat in times where students are teaching themselves, to be more of a "guide on the side" than a "sage on the stage". The teacher's role in 21st century education is vastly different than that in the 20th century. The teachers that grasp that ideal will be the teachers that can not only reach their students on different levels, but guide them to a greater understanding of the classroom material.

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