Monday, November 7, 2011

Resource for Finding and Creating Web Quests

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The site "Best Webquest. com" offers not only a directory for finding quests by subject area and grade level at its portal page,, but also provides a host of resources for finding out about webquests.  Take some time to explore the table of contents of web quests: The About Web Quest page explains the origin and principles behind webquests.  You'll also find this page helpful: Criteria for Assessing Best Web Quests. The information on it will help you in creating your own webquests. However, also be forewarned that despite the merits of the Best site, there's also some commercialism on the site. For instance, if you want the website's designer, Tom March, and his employers to evaluate your webquest, in general or for possible inclusion on the site, there's a fee. Naturally, avoid that component, but explore around the site to deepen your understanding of what are the principles behind effective webquests. Check back here to let us know what you find and what you think of the site or other sites you explore through the links provided.

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Christine said...

This website was very helpful! Thank you for posting. I liked the ability to look through the WebQuests to get an idea as to what other teachers are featuring. I was a little bit stuck, given I teach the primary level at finding a plethora of online resources for my class. However, the Internet is becoming SO very common today for children to use that my task was not as difficult.

It is really great to see what other teachers have done in the past with WebQuests. I am interested in doing more with my kids. Starting this Thursday we will be trying out the one I have created for our class!

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