Tuesday, October 25, 2011

LiveBinders: Resourceful Web 2.0 Tool

LiveBinder is a tool for organizing your favorite websites by categories. You can create a LiveBinder on any area of interest. Once you set up a LiveBinder, you select categories, and within each category, you create links to resources within that category. A LiveBinder can be an excellent teaching tool for directing students to specific websites for a unit of study.

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An advantage of opening a LiveBinder account is that you can also store other teachers' and professionals' LiveBinders in your account, in what is called your "Shelves."

Here is an example of one LiveBinder I found recently and added to my shelf: Technology in Education.

How can you envision using LiveBinder in your teaching? If you have an opportunity, search for some LiveBinders, and let us know what you find. Have you heard of teachers or library media specialists setting up LiveBinders for classroom or school implementation?


Christine said...

Oh I love this site! Thank you so much for posting this.

I use websites for my class frequently. Whenever we are learning a new topic I am normally exploring the internet searching for relevant sites for the kids to use. For example, if we are studying energy, I will compile a list of links. It is hard to give it to the kids, so lately I have been using Weebly so that they are all in one location. This seems to be a suitable alternative for me!

Kate said...

This is a great site to use to organize sites for units. I too have been researching sites for studnets to use. I have three students who know what I am going to say before I say it, so they are advanced for the class. I am always looking for things for them to do as anchor activities so that they are engaged in the class. This site is a great way to group them together and make it easier for the students to get to. Now I just need to make a website for all this information to be in one place.

Jenn O. said...

I have to agree with both Christine and Kate. This is a great way to organize the multitude of websites we collect for researching information and intergrating technology into our classrooms. I never knew it could be this easy. I definitely can use this in my classroom. One stop shopping for students to choose their resources. No more paper handouts with a list of websites that they always type in wrong! LOL.

Melanie said...

I just discovered LiveBinders! What a great resource! In my teaching, I cover Mexico, Brazil and Central America. I discovered LiveBinder while I was searching for resources to use while teaching about the Panama Canal, part of my current unit. The binder I accidentally stumbled upon was full of primary sources via pictures, newspaper articles, video clips, etc. How great! Materials on the other countries I taught this year were sort of difficult to keep organized. Not having a textbook, all of the resources that I used this year have been self-created, books, and online materials. LiveBinder would have been amazing to use, and I plan to utilize it next year for sure! It'd also be a fantastic way to make classroom resources available to students at home. I'm very excited!

Samion Eric said...

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