Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Phenomenal Site with Multitude of Resources

Check out the Discovery Education site for a wealth of teaching resources and access to a variety of Web 2.0 tools. Here is a link to the site: Discovery Education. While on the site, also be sure to check the Lesson Plan area for ideas by grade level and subject area. Be sure to return to this blog post to let us know what you uncover at Discovery Education.


Dave C said...

Discovery Education was a wonderful site for lesson plans and educational tools WELL before the web 2.0 revolution happened. I was really impressed when I was a geology TA in the late 1990s and used them for intro geology labs and paleo classes. I went to the site today and it is leaps and bounds better than it was even a couple of years ago.

Check it out. Discovery Education is run by the Discovery Channel company, which also runs a number of other educational cable channels, and they are all very good for lesson plans when used in conjunction with the website and their videos. Check it out!

Christine said...

Discovery Education is a GREAT site! The Discovery Channel itself provides such a wealth of resources for teachers. I use this website on a weekly and sometimes more frequently basis. The wonderful part is they do own, as Dave said, other educational channels and provide the use of streaming and downloading of a multitude of programs as well as accompanying lesson plans.

As an elementary school teacher, I appreciate the Magic School Bus videos! They are always a great asset to each unit of study that we complete-- the kids LOVE to watch the cartoon and it makes for great discussion points.

Another curriculum tie-in is that it's GREAT with the Harcourt Trophies anthology. Discovery Education has rights to many Scholastic stories animated cartoons. It is thrilling for my class to watch their stories in animated form.

Beth said...

This website is great and I honestly can not believe that I have not used it more. I had assumed that it works best for science and social studies classes, but after taking the time to really look through what this site had to offer I found so many things that I could use with my 6th grade reading class.
As a busy teacher, I found one of the best parts of this website to be the fact that there are sooo many worksheets and graphic organizers that are offered as free downloads!! THe lesson plans are also a great aspect of this website and I have found a few that I can use this year with my class.

Kate said...

WOW! What a great site with what seems like endless information. I could definitely see using much of it. Although not geared towards my content area, there are some great ideas to tweak towards what I would use. The worksheets, graphic organizers and lesson plans are all great resources for any content area. Great site!

Jenn O. said...

This is a great site! I use it often in the classroom. It is great for those "ah ha" moments when you want to revisit a topic that a student asked about or you need to reteach a concept for the whole class or a small group. There is so much there. I use a lot of the plant videos for science. The lessons and quizes make for great exit slips to ensure that they are learning. I also take some of the quizzes and recreate them using turning point which is a clicker system. The kids really enjoy the ability to interact rather than write their answers.

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