Monday, October 3, 2011


Interested in learning about screen casting, which allows you to capture what's on the screen and narrate it. You can end up with a slide show or even a video. Check this slideshow to learn more about screencasting tools like Screenr,Screencast-o-matic, and Jing.

You might consider creating a screencast, if applicability to your teaching, and showing it to others. You can easily share a screencast on the Internet with those beyond your classroom.

After viewing the slide presentation, post your comments on how you believe screencasting might be used.

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Kate said...

This is actually a great tool to use for students who missed the presentation. We are going to create this for our project we are doing with four other classes. We anticipate that there will be students absent. Instead of trying to set up the time again with those demonstrating the technology we are going to try to screen capture it so students can view it when they are available. Also for those students that may need a refresher on what they may have missed.

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