Thursday, October 20, 2011

Looking for Teaching Resources on Digital Citizenship

Image from MaryBeth's Twitter page @mbteach
I found these resources in an article that MaryBeth Hertz’s wrote for Eutopia. I follow MaryBeth on Twitter, and she recently posted a link to the article.  Although some of these resources are geared to the elementary grade levels, many have applicability to any grade level.  Check them out. Let us know what you find and think you might use in your teaching.

Lesson Resources
Online Learning Tools
   Digital learning tools that incorporate social networking
                     Today's Meet
   Online Communities for Kids
                     Club Penguin
                     Pixie Hollow
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                     The Importance of Digital Citizenship in Social Media by Andrew Marcinek
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                     Does the Internet exacerbate bullying? Edutopia poll
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Reference for list is at:

Teaching Digital Citizenship in the Elementary Classroom, Edutopia

In addition, Jerry Blumgarten, maintains on his website a page fully devoted to resources on Digital Citizenship. No matter what grade level or subject area you teach or are certified to teach, you will likely find resources on his Cybrarylibrary Digital Citizenship web page.  Jerry posts almost daily to Twitter. If you are on Twitter and not following him, you should at @cybraryman1

Overall, do you believe it is the teacher's responsibility to teach digital citizenship? What do you think of the resources found on Marybeth's and Jerry's lists? Which resources seem most useful to you or of the most interest?

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Beth said...

I really liked Todays;s Meet which we laready used in our class a few weeks ago. My students are currently reading a novel and I want to use the tool with them. I have them do an activity called talk to the text in which they respond to what they are reading. I can see using this tool with students when they are in group conversation. While I am reading aloud to them they can respond on the Todays Class program and also respond to what one another is saying.- Great assessment tool too

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