Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's Time to Rethink Education

You might disagree with the message of this video, but at least watch it and comment regarding the needs of digital natives for learning.


Christine said...

Videos like this a truly eye-opening. As someone who is from generation Y and a personally-considered "techie teacher" I do agree with many of the points in this video, however, as someone who works with the primary grades, I do feel that there needs to be a fine balance between both schools of thought.

Digital natives need to be taught how to effectively use all of this technology that they have. They have absolutely no concept of how powerful it is and will grow up to abuse these tools. (Many of them, that is.) If students can learn to effectively use the internet to check sources (and this includes Wikipedia) and how to continue to search and know WHO is responsible for the content they are reading, they can make the best use of what they have. It is amazing to me that digital natives think they know everything simply because the internet tells them to. Anyone can upload this content!!

Kate said...

There is a line that must be watch when dealing with technology and teaching. Kids need to be aware of proper use of what they read and what they do on-line. They also need to understand that not everything they read and get on-line is factual. It is amazing to me how many times I hear in a factual tone, "I read it on-line." It is true that this is the world they live in and this is what culture is being provided for them. As teachers we need to make sure they stay aware of the real world as opposed to cyber world.

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