Saturday, September 8, 2012

Blogging in the Classroom

If you're not yet having your students blog, consider the possibilities. KidBlog, a popular platform, has just added new features sure to entice teachers. Check out 14 New Kidblog Features You're Sure to Love.

Edublogs is another popular blogging site. Just like KidBlog, Edublogs is free and easy for teachers and students to use. Check out more about Edublogs at its home page.

What have you heard about these tools? Do you use either, or would you?  Do you know teachers who use one of these tools? Have you seen samples of blogs students have created with Kidblog or Edublogs?


Felicia's Blog said...

I just started a new blog using both kidblog and edublog for the after school program, where I am using Kidzlit to work with enhancing k-2 students literacy skills. I am simultaneously working on both blogs, adding the same information and presenting them to some administration at the board for final approval. My goal is to be able to have the students do some blogging...probably towards the spring, but I love the idea of providing parents with my classroom code so they can comment on the projects, videos and pictures I intend to post of their kids work.

Rachael said...

I think this is a great idea. I just checked out the Kidblog with the kids in Wisconsin that we are following. The "about me" posts are so cute. I think its a great idea for students to create blogs. The internet and world of blogging are something that they will inevitably be exposed to, so why not teach them how to use it properly? It's a great way to get writing in without making them feel like they are doing a tedious writing assignment!

Brianna said...

With technology being so big in with today's students, I am surprised to see very little technology being used in classrooms. I have been in several districts and have only seen one teacher have a class blog. Whether this is because teachers aren't experienced with the technology, there simply isn't easy access to computers in the classroom or there just isn't time in the day I don't know. I imagine a combination of all of these issues contributes.I think blogs are fun and easy to use. I think students would enjoy updating them and being able to share their work with parents and communicate with other people. I can say that blogging is great for students, I can see the possibilities,but even I have not found a way to incorporate blogging with my students as a LTS yet.Perhaps this year will be better since I have a longer time with the class, but will it be continued after I leave? Can I get permission? Will I find the time to make this consistent? Questions I think are holding back many teachers from jumping into technology.

Danielle N. said...

I think blogging in the classroom is a great idea. In my school, very few teachers have their own blog, but there is a common blog for the whole school to use on our Library Media Center page. New topics/questions are added on a fairly regular basis and at least twice a month, students are required to respond to one of the blog posts. Past topics/questions have included recommending books, recapping summer vacation, discussing thoughts/giving advice on the Connecticut Mastery Test, etc. Students are also encouraged to read through peers' comments and to respond to those as well. What I like about this blog is that it introduces kids to connecting and communicating on the Web, does not take too much time to do, and also provides a starting point for teaching important Internet safety lessons, such as not posting your full name or contact information. In addition, it helps to reinforce the idea that access to the Web is global and information about a person can follow you throughout your life, so teachers need to emphasize how important it is to think about the content being put out there because once it's out there, it's public for the world to see! My school has a subscription to Edublogs, and so once I get my teacher website up and running, I'd like to incorporate a blog that goes along with our curriculum as well as the class's interests.

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