Monday, September 3, 2012

Exciting Your Students for the New School Year

I found this video via Twitter by accessing a blog. I thought I would share it with you. I am also leaving links for you to download the video to edit it for your own liking to reuse. Thanks to Yolan Lee for sharing this on his blog post: Welcome to a New School Year.

Download the .mov file here.
Download the Keynote file here.

 Would you consider making a video like this to introduce your students to the new school year? What did you think of the many messages Mr. Lee conveyed in this video? Note Mr. Lee invites others to use this video with students as well as to download it, edit it, and make a remix to one's liking.

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Christina R. said...

I absolutely loved this video. I created a dropbox account just so that I can download it. I thought the video was innovative and engaging and a really great way to kick off the school year. I think that the overall message is be creativity, collaboration and communication. These three words are the buzz words in the upcoming core standards for schools. These three words no longer mean locally, but globally. I think it is really kind of Mr. Lee to let other teachers download it and use this. I am on a tech committee for the district, to represent the special area teachers and address our concerns for lack of technology. I would love to show this video and hopefully spark some interest in them to have equitable access to technology across the board.

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