Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Haiku Deck Learning Ideas

Haiku Deck started as an iPad app. Once you create a slide presentation with it, you can access your presentation on any computer with Internet access and then use the embed code to place your deck on a website, blog, or another online space. You can also search Haiku Deck to find presentations others have created and use those on your sites by getting the embed code. HaikuDeck has a Share option that allows you to share a deck on any number of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter or to email the presentation to someone.

Here's a sample presentation high school teacher Vicki Davis created for her students when they asked how to get more followers on Twitter. What follows are Haiku Deck samples created by 4th graders in Joan Davis's class who used the platform to learn vocabulary words.

Vicki Davis is  known on Twitter as @coolcateacher.

Joan also added these tweets about the effectiveness of students learning vocabulary in this way.


Here's the example of a student using the app to express ideas that come to mind to capture her yearlong learning.

To learn more about Joan, see her Twitter profile:

Now that you've seen several examples of Haiku Deck, consider its potential for use in the classroom, and leave a comment. 


Victoria Guerrera said...

dI love the vocabulary slideshow! I'm teaching a vocabulary lesson with students on Tuesday, and this will be perfect for engaging them into the lesson.

Victoria Guerrera said...

I love the vocabulary slideshow! I'm teaching a vocabulary lesson with students on Tuesday, and this will be perfect for engaging them into the lesson.

Haiku Deck said...

Hi Judy,

Thanks so much for writing about Haiku Deck! We love hearing from teachers who use Haiku Deck in the classroom and it warms our hearts knowing that their students are having an easy (and fun!) time creating presentations with our app.

Thanks for being part of our creative community!

Lisa from Team Haiku Deck

Paul Fitzpatrick said...

Thanks for the helpful tutorial Judy. I am going to attempt to complete my presentation project today by utilizing the Haiku deck tool. It will be good to add another tool to my technological bag of tricks. I have it on my iPad from when you did the professional development for our department. Wish me luck!

Samantha said...

I love the idea of Haiku Deck. I just installed the app on my iPad and started playing around with the features. My 1st graders don't learn vocabulary words per say, they learn the 110 sight words that are most important. I can see using Haiku Deck to introduce 10 sight words a week starting at the beginning of the school year.

Andrea Rosenfield said...

All 3rd grade students at my school have been busy tackling their independent and small group inquiry projects. One of my little guys really struggled with Power Point and all of the features it boasts. Even attempting to maneuver the mouse can be exceptionally tricky!

As I've mentioned before, my students are touch screen pros! If students have access to tablets at home, HaikuDeck might be a very powerful, more manageable alternative. I love how crisp and professional each of the presentations look. What a powerful, FREE tool!

Tiffany Webley said...

Since I used Haiku Deck to create the introduction for my Web Quest I've been sold on this app. I honestly love it. I think this presentation tool is easy to use and engaging for students.

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