Saturday, May 11, 2013

Technology in the Classroom

A couple years ago, a group of educations did a satire on technology in the classroom, using pencils to substitute for technology. Take a look, and enjoy, but also let us know what this skit says to you about technology in the classroom.

By the way, the skit was created with Xtranormal, a site worth exploring for thinking about how you might use it in the classroom to motivate and engage students, or as an introduction or capstone to a unit of study.


Leigh Lessard said...

This was pretty funny and made me think differently about all of the arguements against the use of technology in the classrooms.

Allan Ray Tanchiatco said...

The video reminds me of Isaac Asimov's short story The Feeling of Power. It's the other way around though. You might wanna check it Leigh. The story has to do with math.

Victoria Guerrera said...

I agree, this video is pretty funny. It really shows how important it is for teachers to keep up with the times. Teachers are not going to engage children if they are closed minded about technology.

Rachel Bisacky said...

This is a pretty clever way to get teachers thinking about using technology in the classroom. Even if you don't like it, you need to realize that kids are going to be bringing in their smartphones/computers/etc, and the more quickly we embrace that technology, the more quickly we can begin to use it in our favor.

Andrea Rosenfield said...

Of all things, can you imagine if we tried BANNING pencils? It's time we liken a basic necessity like that of a pencil to that of our digital tools. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but these technologies are not going anywhere. Students of all ages (even our littlest ones!) are surrounded by technology, albeit smartphones, computers, social media, Web 2.0 tools, television, etc. They can't get away from it even if they do not directly have access to these technologies at home.

Sure, there might not be enough PD and I'll be the first to admit that I complain about the time crunch, but there are easy ways that we can learn how to use and appreciate many of these free and innovative tools. I encourage anyone who is interested to sign up for Feedly, a super easy news aggregator,and start having information about the newest technologies come to YOU! I absolutely love popping on and choosing from a variety of Richard Byrne's newest posts to peruse. Even this time strapped girl can spare a few minutes to learn about a new, FREE, and simple tool.

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