Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Have You Checked the Teaching Channel Recently?

An excellent place to find videos to use in your teaching and for your own professional development is The Teaching Channel. 

Check the site now, but also bookmark it so you remember to go back to it. You will find videos characterized by discipline as well as by more global areas. You will also find a Teacher page with loads of resources.

Here is a quick glance of the table of contents for the video collection by subjects, grades, topics.

Explore the site to see what it offers, and let us know what you think of this educational resource.


Andrea Rosenfield said...

So glad to have found this gem of a resource! If I'm going to show a video, it better be worthwhile, so I'm thrilled that this website boasts a variety of subjects and topics.

I just popped in a quick search for "fractions" and a plethora of resources appeared. I can't tell you how helpful these would have been when I was struggling to find a clip that wasn't quite so mind numbing.

The videos can be used to teach students, or to assist teachers in preparing effective explanations for tricky concepts.

Here's another suggestion. If you know you're going to be absent, this might be a great resource for selecting a video that teaches or reinforces a tricky topic that you're not sure a sub could convey.

Rachel Bisacky said...

I use this all the time! It's great for finding lesson activities for students, and it also has resources for educators as well.

I loved this activity for a history class, but it could also be used in an English or science classroom (and I'm sure with some tweaking, math teachers could use it too!). It's a good way to get students up out of their seats and thinking critically about any issue. It's also a great alternative to holding a formal debate, and gives students the chance to argue multiple sides of an issue.

Allan Ray Tanchiatco said...

I checked the math section of the website and I must say that there are some there that I really would consider using in my own class. The one on baseball is similar to the one I am working on now for my web quest.

Rachel Cocola said...

I would love to use this resource in the classroom. I am often searching youtube for clips for the classroom and this offers the filter for you! Looking forward to using this resource in the future.

Tiffany Webley said...

This is a great resource. Being able to find a website that offers multiple ideas and tools in your subject area is always great. I will be adding this to my bookmarks!

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