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Do Computers Belong in Children's Rooms?

Although not directly to school use of computers, an article, “Computers Should Be Kept out of Kid’s Rooms,” also leads to the question of where to best place computers in the school setting. Refer to the article that appeared in a British publication on the results of a finding about where to keep computers in the home. Post your comments about where you believe computers are best kept in both the home and school, and why. Here is the direct link to the article for your review:

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Debbie Tager said...

The key words in this article are "modern parenting." Comments to the article on its own web page talk about how if you raise your kids right then you should not be concerned about what they are doing on the computer. Even if that is the case, why tempt a child by giving them complete privacy with a computer to go find whatever they like? Parental controls on a computer only do so much, and kids are ever-more savvy than their parents in figuring out ways around the set limits. There is no better place in a house for a computer than in a high-traffic zone such as the kitchen or family living room. Being raised with good morals and values does not crush curiosity. Most parents would not drop their kids at the door of a strip club with the encouragement "just look away, sweetie" - and while that analogy may seem extreme, leaving kids behind closed doors with the internet is doing the same thing. Welcome to "modern parenting!"

mary beth said...

Computers, like television and telephones, have their place in my opinion, and that is NOT in the bedroom. Our world is getting busier and noisier and it is getting harder to capture a few quiet moments each day for peace and quiet, maybe even meditation or prayer, for myself and my kids. Our bedrooms are the only sanctuaries left in our house now that we have a TV and a telephone in every other room. I don't care how educational the computer or TV can be...not in the bedroom. The bedroom is still a sanctuary, and I have peace of mind knowing I can send the kids there, at bedtime or as punishment, and know that they are not "playing" on the computer or watching TV. I sometimes even see them reading a book or taking a nap, cleaning their room or lying on their bed, doing what seems like nothing but resting. Some things, like these, I hope will never change.

Margaret H. said...

So maybe I am a little old fashion but I don’t think that kids should have computers, TVs, any electronic equipment, or even toys in their room. Their room is a place for them to relax and get a good night sleep. I feel if they are so use to playing with toys and electronic equipment in their room then they are not going to relax enough to go to sleep. While there are trying to relax they will be thinking about all of the fun things they could be doing.
I grew up in a household where we didn’t spend any time in our rooms until it was time to go to bed. Now as an adult I spend a lot more time in my bedroom. I have noticed that I do not sleep as well as I use to. I noticed when there was a period of time when I spent lots of time in my room I didn’t sleep well at all. I tried to spend more time outside of my room and then I started sleeping better. I am not sure if that is a good enough reason why but I think it has something to do with it. So overall, I feel that kids shouldn’t have computers in their rooms. I don’t think it has anything to do with trusting or not, just a better environment for them.

gayle said...

I absolutely agree with Mrs.Byron and feel parents should bridge the technological "generation gap." As a parent I make sure my son is playing a video game that is age appropriate and nonviolent. He is a very active little boy and does not need any violent influence. Sponge Bob makes him run around the house!
As parents we need to scrutinize what our children do on the computer. If we teach them at a young age to visit sites that are appropriate, they will hopefully learn to do so on their own. It is the same with what we allow our children to watch on tv.
Young children should not have any electronics in their bedroom. As they get older, they will need a quiet place to complete homework, therefore, their bedroom might be the only place to work. However, I think having a computer in their bedroom will tempt them to explore everything but their homework. The computer is very distracting. I cant write a paper without shopping or reading email!

Sherri said...

The article states that children should use computer's under the watchful eye of the their parents. I agree, but in my opinion it is just activity that requires parental supervision. The internet does put a wealth of information at our children's fingertips, but there is technology available to safeguard them from inappropriate sites. Parents take precautions on daily basis to protect children from the dangers of the world. In my opinion, computers are just another arena.
The article suggest that parents must bridge the technological gap. Parents are always working to bridge some type of gap to stay in tune with their kids. When we work to understand the world of our children it is a win win situation. I play the Wii game with my children on a regular basis. Not only do they think I am cool; it gives me the opportunity to take off my parent hat. It is a wonderful experience.

I will end with the cliche that the more things change, the more things stay the same. I think the article offers new information in the framework of technology, but does not add to the body of work on parenting.

Aaron Brown said...

If I have kids, no electonics in the bedroom (myself excluded of course!) Seriously, I don't think they belong in the bedroom. I can remember being sent to my room. If there were a tv, it wouldn't have been punishment.
As an aside, I design houses, and I have seen, and actually pushed, the idea of a nook in the kitchen or eating area to put the family computer. I have talked several people into turning the recipe desk or phone nook into a computer nook. This works well. It puts it in a high traffic area, and mom and dad know whats going on.
As for staying ahead of the kids technologically; fat chance. Not gonna happen. My 9 year old neighbor can build a computer. I could, maybe, actually probably not. I am reasonably intelligent, and i don't think I can keep up. I don't have the time.

Natrisha said...

I don't believe that with the internet safety issues that have come up over the years and the lack of sleep that I have seen in the classroom with students that have computers or gaming systems in their rooms that technology belongs in childrens rooms. My own children have access sights through out the house where they can use the computers, including their laptops to complete homework and games in view of the other people in the house. I learned after repeated findings of inappropriate sites, even after parental controls were installed that it was too easy for kids to get into sites.

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