Sunday, March 23, 2008

Why Teachers Should Have Blog Sites

Edublog, a blog hosting site, names 10 reasons for teachers to have a blog site. Review the suggestions provided, and post your responses after considering the implications of the 10 suggestions. Here is the URL to access the information:


mary beth said...

I never knew what a blog was until this semester and I must say that Prof. Arzt got me hooked. I love reading the hyperlinked articles and being free to comment on them and listen to the comments of others. It is like an on-line book club for the busy person. I like the idea of anonymous comment opportunities, for parents and students, to raise controversial issues that, while risky, may help to improve the learning experience for all. I'm finding that I need a computer in my kitchen now that I am becoming more "hooked" or dependent on blogs, websites, and email for my news and connectivity with school, family, friends and the world. This kitchen computer will replace the basket that I keep near the phone with all my newsletters, mail, to-do lists,and phone messages. Does anybody else feel like George and Jane Jetson??

Alicia H said...

I think that teachers having a blog and website is a great idea. I think this will eleviate the hassle of photocopying nad getting work home to students home sick; you may give it to their friend, but what if it gets lost or the friend does not get it to the student the same day? I have logged on to many tetacher sites and the monthly and weekly calendars are great for knowing what is coming up. Control via a log-on password is a great tool. I image parents would (and do) enjoy logging on to the site of their child's teacher so they can be kept apprised of what is going on in class, and future topics to be covered.
The opportunity to share resources with other teachers in real time can only be a positive aid. The organization factor of this Edu program is fathomable: we spend so much time on the computer anyways, if it can keep us organized that is an added plus!

Melissa J said...

The blogging world is something quite new to me. However, it is not something I am learning in Professor Arzt's class but we have also started a blog for our program, which is in need of a lot of work but little time. I agree with the article and the reasons why a teacher should blog. I think it would be great to have a blog to serve as a source of communication, to facilitate Q/A from students, post information, use another source of technology and the list goes on. I think since the students have grown up in an era where technology is readily available this will greatly help them throughout their education and see it as a way to facilitate communication between them and their teachers. I look forward to increasing the amount I blog as well as starting and maintaing different blogs for our different cohorts to keep the lines of communication open.

Sharon Kirby said...

I would love the idea of using blogging as a classroom in our students home. It would be greta to have them not ask you after they have been ill..."did i miss anything important." It would be a great tool to post any comments or questions on homework material or anything of the sort. I guess I only have two concerns with it. First, all we setting up the low-incomed students to fail? I have some sudents that don't have internet access at home. Students will notice that that one particualr student never posts...since he/she would need to do it on paper. I just worry about not educating those students as well. Second, the amount of time that would be needed to read all these blogs! How would you grade them? Would it be class participation? There are still many questions on how to use it wisely in the classroom

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