Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tips for Teaching with Computer Technology

Follow the link below for a helpful article that will offer you a range of ideas for managing computer use in your classroom. The tips range the gamut from curriculum suggestions to classroom management tricks. Let us know what you find useful in the article. There are 33 tips offered, so happy hunting. The information is provided from Education World, a generally useful website for teachers, chock full of resources.


Clip art image is directly from the article, “Managing Technology, Tips from the Experts”


Tony Ruiz said...


I liked the ideas posted in this article. In short, the class can become a vibrant learning center if students play a vital role in the it. Assign students who have some technical skills as managers to assist the teacher as he/she monitors the class. This is such a great idea as kids love being responsible for something. In addition, since this generation of kids know more about computing than most teachers do, it would be beneficial for both players to help each other out. I have allowed students in my classes to explain math concepts. I observed during these times that classes become lively rooms of debate and learning.

I agree that teachers need to prepare in advance for teaching computer tech. For the most part, this would probably be the first time most young leaners will actually put computers into good use. Thus, it's important for instructors to write directions in a clear and precise fashion. The amount of investment one puts in doing this can make a world of difference in the classroom.

Martina said...

Double Wow! I agree with Tony. This was an excellent article and a must read for all teachers who plan to use technology in the classroom. I think this article should definitely be shared with all of your classes, Judy.

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