Sunday, February 17, 2008

21st Century Literacy

Be sure to check out this provocative article about the sea of change in educating today's students to be literate for the future. The article appeared in the most recent edition of Technology & Learning. After skimming the article, ponder the literacy standards for students and teachers bulleted in the boxes at the end of the article. What is your response to the ways in which students of the new millennium should be taught and how teachers need to adapt and learn new skills? According to the author, Susan Lester, we can't escape the fact that social networking sites like MySpace, iPod technology, blogging, and wikis are placing new demands on classroom teachers to stay abreast of technology's power to alter the way we communicate and collaborate.
Here is the link to the article. Post your comments after reading it, and feel free to send the article along to colleagues in the education field.

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Lisa T. said...

Anytime I read an article like this one, I can't help but feel overwhelmed and naive. I am well aware that technological advances are a given in the field of education and teaching, but does it have to advance so rapidly?!! Are there resources specifically made for teachers in order to stay informed about the latest and greatest new technology or am I to learn from my students (again!)? I know that there are Connecticut state standards concerning technology, but are there going to be professional development opportunities to learn how to implement them effectively or is it up to the teacher to figure it all out?

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