Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Book

This YouTube has long been a favorite of students, so I thought I would repost the link to it for your enjoyment and critical response. Let us know what you think.


Sharon Kirby said...

That was really pretty funny, but I really do believe that we are headed in that direction. How scary is that! If we remember one of the blogs in the beginning of the semester when students were very clear on the fact that "they don't have the time" to read a book anymore and just sparknote it. Our students are really losing the reading skills that we grew up needing in order to comprehend a complete novel. I actually was discussing this with one of my colleagues. It was interesting to us the fact that students are losing their note taking ability when reading a Foreign language text. I have to actually go over with all my students (regular and honors) how to pick out the cognates of a text, look up unfamiliar words vital to the sentence, and questioning a sentences order and tense. I still do that now when I'm reading any text because it was so vital to my understanding of any reading. I am interested to find out what the future will bring to our books. I'm not sure if anyone watched the discovery show that focused on if human were extint how our technology (DVD's, CD's, etc.) would only last about 100 years. So much for leaving our legacy to the next being that inhabits the earth.

mary beth said...

That was funny...and probably not much of a stretch for the computer experts of today who get frustrated with the rest of us who are ignorant of some of the most basic functions and facets of computers. That video clip would be a great intro to a basic computer class...very clever.

Sherri said...

Very funny and clever. I love books and it really is a shame that the book is being replaced by technology. First books on tapes and now books on pdas. My children will take a computer over a book anyday or time. I had numerous conversations with them regarding the history of books and they are definitely not interested. The ability to download from the internet to their PSPs, now that is interesting.

Even libraries are getting in on it. In my town library, at the entrance is a display of all the books availabe of cd. The one place you think would advocate for the use of books is going tech.

Book illiteracy-scary.

Alicia H said...

I laughed while watching this, but thought that it was a good depiction of those who never worked with a computer before--but the comupter was shown as a book. It shows how something so foreign to people can make them uneasy, grouchy and ready to give up! Just a little help and guidance and people are more comfortable with something new. My mom uses a computer everyday, she did when she was working and does so now: email, myspace, scans and sends photos, really gets into the different programs (especially for family tree research stuff for my family) and always wants to know about the latest and greatest things available for use--be it programs, hardware, etc. My father does not use the computer, never needed one when he was working and does not himself get on it at their house. He does really enjoy planning their trips using the internet to see different places and activity options, get hours and prices of places and use it to compare and contrast where they are interested in travelling to. My mom is the 'driver' when they do this together. Right after college I was able to have him turn the computer on, log into my email, attach a document for me and send it (he did this while I was at work one day). I gave him the directions over the phone and he had no problems. I think this clip summarizes such events as this-be it a book or computer, allow people to discover a new thing at a comfortable pace and they will get the hang of it.
The actors did a great job in this clip!

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