Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Connecticut Online Classes for High School Students

Thanks to Lisa Turner for keeping us update about what Connecticut state has proposed for high school students to take online courses. After skimming the proposal, let us know what you think. Post a comment, please.

Online Courses Available to Connecticut High School Students

Governor M. Jodi Rell recently announced the launch of the CT Virtual Learning Center, a statewide program for High School students to take online courses. Enrollments are being accepted now for students to begin coursework in January 2008 and beyond.

“We want to use online courses to increase access to high quality content so that every student in Connecticut will have access to the courses they need when they need them,” said Governor Rell. “In preparing our young people for the 21st century workforce, it is necessary that we employ these same powerful tools to improve access, equity and employment readiness.”

Funded by the General Assembly within the 2008 budget, this pilot project will be available at no cost to school districts. Students will remain enrolled in their current schools, but will have the option to take online courses that meets their academic needs. (See http://www.ctvirtuallearning.com/ for listing of available courses).

“The state has created a high speed optical computer network, called the Connecticut Education Network that connects all the school districts in the state,” said Governor Rell. “The Connecticut Virtual Learning Center will be using this state resource in the delivery its online content.”

The primary focus for the program will be twofold:

Courses for students at risk of falling behind or failing will be offered in Algebra, Geometry, English, Civics or Health. Students can avoid summer school and recover credit by taking these online courses during the school year.

Interesting electives that may not be available at many schools, such as Mandarin Chinese, Biotechnology and International Business.

The curriculum for these dynamic, fully interactive online courses have been approved by the State Department of Education’s Bureau of Curriculum and Instruction and will be taught by CT certified teachers.
“Online learning is an option for students that need the flexibility to learn something at their own pace,” Governor Rell said. “The online experience is relevant and transferable to future opportunities.”

That necessity is recognized by Michigan, the first state to require every student to take at least one online experience in order to graduate high school. Other states across the country are actively working to implement policies and programs for online learning options that open educational choices to their students.

The CT Virtual Learning Center is being run by the Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium (CTDLC). Ed Klonoski, President of the CTDLC said, “Over the past six years, the CTDLC has been developing programs and services that support education through online learning, centrally developed and distributed content, and resource sharing. These programs include the Connecticut Adult Virtual High School and other partnerships with the Connecticut Department of Higher Education to develop online college preparation courses.”

Please contact Gretchen Hayden, Project Manager, with any questions about the CT Virtual Learning Center. ghayden@ctdlc.org (860)-832-3891

Other Online Resources

Other online resources are provided to Connecticut school districts by the Connecticut Regional Educational Service Center (RESC) Alliance through the Virtual High School (VHS) and Virtual Learning Academy (VLA).
Virtual High School The CT RESC Alliance has created the Virtual High School Consortium to bring VHS classes to students in the State of Connecticut. VHS is another cost-effective way for schools with limited resources to offer courses they cannot provide in house. Schools can expand educational opportunities for their middle school and high school students by offering Advanced Placement, honors, career exploration, and specialized courses, including summer classes for credit recovery and enrichment. VHS offers over 200 courses for your students, professional development for teachers, and experience in an online environment with peers worldwide. Because this is a statewide initiative, the program offers discounted fees, greater flexibility for membership options, peer support and user group forums, and coordination and support for CT schools. For more information click here or go to the VHS website.
Virtual Learning Academy CREC and LEARN offer an option to help students meet their graduation requirements. The Virtual Learning Academy offers credit recovery courses that fit all learning styles for students in grades K-12. The program’s easy structure and training provides greater flexibility for districts trying to meet the educational challenges of all of their students. VLA is for: Home Bound, Expelled, Drop-outs, Special Needs, At Risk, Alternative Schools, Incarcerated Youth, Non-traditional Schedules, and Athletes (NCAA approved). For more information click here or visit the VLA website.
For questions on these programs, contact Cara Hart at 860-524-4021 or chart@crec.org.
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