Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lesson Plan Sites

Yes, many sites for lesson plans are now available on the Internet. Share your favorite ones by posting a comment. In the meantime, here is the URL for one. Let me know what you think of this HotChalk site:

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Margaret H. said...

I have not spent that much time looking online for lesson plans. The few times that I have I felt more confused and frustrated. Even though they seems like good lesson plans I never really knew how to incorporate them into my classroom. They always referred to the textbook that teacher was using. Since I did not have access to that textbook I felt that I couldn’t use that lesson plan.
After looking at this site I felt that I should spend more time finding ideas online. There are so many great projects that other teachers have created that I may be able to use. Since I am trying to do more projects with my students this might be helpful. I feel that I need to just spend more time looking instead of giving up right away. I know I tend to give up very easily. Anyone have other sites that shared great lesson plans or just projects that can be done in math classes?

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