Saturday, February 9, 2008

Integrating Blogs into Your Teaching

Some of you are looking for examples of how you might use blogs in your teaching. I will offer up an example of how I used a blog for tutoring training at the College. Below you will find the blog for SJC's Center for Academic Excellence. In addition to the current blogs, notice the table of contents to the left will let you seach for older blogs posted during prior months. Feel free to explore and post your comments about how this blog is being used to train tutors and keep them up to date. In the meantime, you might find some useful resources on the blog to support your own graduate studies at SJC.


mary beth said...

Prof. Arzt, I looked at the CAE blog and explored the GRAMMAR GIRL was fun and witty and very informative...I can't wait to show it to my kids...and I want to show my husband GET IT DONE GUY! Especially his comments on Procrastination...with websites like this one, who needs cable?? All kidding aside, this kind of site makes me appreciate how the computer can make learning fun and how creative some people are...I'll put this one on my favorites list...

tina miller said...

I looked at interest at the plagirism website and liked the way that it provided detailed info and examples as to what it was or was not. Having talked to a lot of kids and helped a number of them write their papers, I am appalled at how many kids have no real idea what plagirism is and how serious it is. I would have liked a more instantaneous response from the test. Not sure how I did. I also like Grammar Girl site and the one that talked about some of the confounding issues like use of a ',' That's one of the things that I love about CAE. Going forward I will forever be looking at my paper for those vague "it" words, that wonderful phrase "There is" and is it "since" or "because"

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