Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fun with Grammar Rules

Learn and review grammar rules through clever podcasts instead of reading stuffy grammar books. Visit Grammar Girls to see what I mean. Just today, the trick of the day was when to use “might” versus “may,” and I learned a thing or two. Grammar Girl's way of explaining the rules is humorous and helpful. Check the Tip of the Day, but also use the Search feature for finding a rule that stymies you. Be sure to click on the play button to hear the podcast. Keep the URL link for Grammar Girl bookmarked for future reference.

Grammar Girls

At this same site, you will also find Money Girl.

The quick and dirty podcasts from Grammar Girl and Money Girl are sure to amuse while teaching you valuable lessons. Enjoy!

Post your comments and suggestions for use for these sites in the school setting. Let us know if Grammar Girl helps you get an often confused usage rule finally straightened out.

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Sherri said...

Great site! The quick tips are so easy to commit memory. I will definitely share this site with friends. Thank you, Dr. Arzt.

Alicia H said...

I have bookmarked this site as it's an easy reference tool! I like that you can search for grammar questions, such as the who and whom, and than and then. I do use my grammar book Writer's Inc. from high school (I love that book) but this is useful as it is instant. I now have a reference tool, that I can read or listen to, for grammar wherever I go! Thanks for the site info!

Sharon Kirby said...

I think that this site would be a great warm up to start an English course. How fun would it be to have the first 5-7 minutes of your class devoted to something as important as Grammar. I think we are moving away from teaching our students grammar yet we expect them to know it when we ask them to write something for us. I would love to find something like this for Spanish. I just wish I had a permanent projector in my classroom so I could use these great tools available to me online. Hopefully next year!

Lisa T. said...

What an engaging site!!I like the fact that reference information is so accessible and mobile!! No longer does one have to trudge to the local library or locate an available computer for the answer to a question, just access it at your finger tips instantly through your IPOD! Ya can't get more convenient than that!!

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