Friday, November 27, 2009

Bookmarks and Annotations on

A work in progress, I have started to categorize and annotate useful sites for education, K-12, as well as some other sites at The site is easy to use and provides a convenient way to categorize favorite sites for specific audiences. As of now, I have categorized sites with tags (labels), but have not limited access to defined audiences. I have the bookmarks alphabetized, but the list will grow, and I will continue to edit the annotations to make them more useful. Please let me know of sites worth adding, and keep in mind this is an ongoing project that will require continued maintenance to keep it current. Here is the link to the site to access my bookmarks. Please let me know how I can make the site more user friendly. Suggestions are always welcomed. I see the annotations as way to end clutter! What about you? Maybe you want to start using if you have not already started an account.
Since writing this post, I have now switched to for maintaining annotated bookmarks of helpful online sources. You can access my diigo account at, and you will a growing list of online sites to explore. Suggest you try if you are not already.


Lilly said...

I was just speaking with Gina last class about her delicious site. I love the idea of having the ability to share valuable educational websites as well as have the ability to use my favorites on ANY computer! I get so frustrated organizing my growing list of sites and using delicious is something I plan to use in professional practice.

Caitlin said...

I agree with you Lilly. As I use three or four computers for my work, it can be aggravating trying to find which computer I saved a particular site on. I have been meaning to start a delicious account, and now I have the perfect opporutunity to do so. This is hopefully going to be an easy way to keep all of my resources organized for professional use.

Jacquelyne B. said...

I totally LOVE Mine has 700 sites or something saved. I'm planning on creating a separate account to reorganize my research and education websites for when I teach or tutor.

Sarah B said...

This is a WONDERFUL site. I wish I knew about it years ago. When I was student teaching I saved all of my work and resources on my computer. Less than a month after I handed in my portfolio my computer crashed. I lost everything, including all the sites that I had saved. I love the fact that you can access it from any computer. Currently I just have my sites saved under bookmarks on my computer. I'm going to set up a delicious account so that I can organize my resources and access them from anywhere.

Melissa said...

When Jacquelyne started talking about this the other day- I was thinking no way. But then as I read and learned more about it I was amazed at how easy it was to use. I agree with most of you that we use some many different computers each day and that how easy to just save your favorite sites to your delicious account. Now I need to start one. As an educator things are always changing and we need to adjust to the times- what a great way to keep up to date with new websites. I love how I can look at other peoples favorite sites and get ideas to add to my account. LOVE IT!

Ashley said...

When Dr. Arzt should this website in class and had one of the classmates talk about it I was amazed. What a great idea! I have so many websites and documents that I save to my "favorities" in the internet explorer. They are unorganized and sometimes I can't even remember what I actually saved the website as. I think using this new website will allow me to stay more organized. I can also seperate out work, teaching, and personal items that I want to save. I was thinking ... I could probably even make a folder for the kids to access so they could play educational games. I want to try to build one of these accounts this semester!

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