Friday, November 13, 2009

What Will Teaching Look Like in 2030?

What might public school education look like in two decades from now? In an online discussion sponsored by Teacher Magazine, Barnett Berry, president of Center for Teaching Quality, and three TeacherSolutions members (veteran science teacher, Chicago teacher-mentor, and middle school NYC English teacher) discuss the issue. They point to:

A mix of face-to-face and virtual learning
Online courses in which students apply their learning to solve real-world problems
Increased teacher engagement and seamless connections with online tools
New leadership roles for teachers including collaborating with policymakers
Increased emphasis on individualization based on the differentiated instruction model

If interested, read Berry’s full report: "The Teachers of 2030: Creating a Student-Centered Profession for the 21st Century.” As you think ahead, what's your vision of public school education in 2030?

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Lilly said...

What an interesting discussion, was that a blog? I just took educational issues this past summer and we spoke alot about what the future may hold for education such as national standards, more diversity, and more proficient use of technology such as blogs, wikkis, and internet based technologies. I'm glad that the article/blog about the future of education still incorporating human interaction. In past class dicussions, the idea of online classes taking over education seemed disturbing to me. However it could be a reality as schools become larger and budgets become smaller. Ever hear of the saying, the more things change, the more they stay the same? I've heard that often in education reform and often times rings true!

Jen said...

I like some of the points that this blog makes, but some of them scare me. I don't like how there will be increased online classes in the future. Looking primarily at elementary school, I wouldn't like if I had to give up some of my normal school time for online classes. I wonder what school would look like if one day was in class and the next day was online. I think there is a place for online classes in the upper grade and college, but not in the elementary school. I think students at that point still need the face-to-face contact to keep them interested and focused. I understand the idea of budgets and online classes, but I don't think it's worth it. Also, not all students have access to the internet. This could create a lot of issues for students and parents. I am completely open-minded to the idea if it should come around in a few years, but for now, I'm happy with the way school is.

Anonymous said...

I once read an article many many years ago about what school will be like in 2000. Well, to say that the author was close in his predictions would be a stretch. He did predict that we would use T.V. as a tool to teach and that schools would be a full year. I do not remember much more than that. Pedicting the future is a personal quest.

Joe P said...

Very interesting reading - I downloaded the document onto my flash drive for some home reading.

Abel said...

I like this article, personally I am not a fan of online classes I prefer the human interaction. But I like technology too.

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