Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kid's Video on What's a Wiki

Using the tool Xtranormal to make an animated video, a student produced What's a Wiki? After viewing the video, check out Wikispaces and Xtranormal. I found out about the video from the post, Intro to Wikis Video Created By Kids, on the "Free Technology for Teachers Blog." Have any of you used Wikispaces or heard of Xtranormal? What's your impression of the student video on wikis?

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Ashley said...

Funny video. I felt like the guy in the football shirt the first time I had to make a Wiki. The girl tells him step by step how to create a Wiki and then she tells him it is up to you whether to post on it or not. That is true. I made one for Vanessa's class last semester, used it in class, and now sadly, haven't been back to it. A Wiki seems like it requires constant checking; therefore, this is something I may continue when school is done for the summer.

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