Sunday, November 15, 2009

Photo Story 3 In Less than 10 Minutes

Yesterday, I posted a blog with some tutorials for learning how to use Photo Story 3, an easy-to-use digital storytelling software program. I have since found another tutorial that goes through the process in about 8 minutes and will have you up and running. Check this video:


Abel said...

Thanks Judy for providing this valuable insight. Now I will practice using photo Story. Seem like a great tool for the classroom.

Jess said...

I love photo story 3 and windows movie maker. I think they are great ways for students to practice their technology skills and are a fun way of showing off their creativity and what they have learned.

Ashley said...

This link was a great reminder of how to use Photo Story. I've used it before but I always need a quick refresher when it comes to technology. I like Photo Story but windows movie maker allows you to do so much more. I know last semester I started a rough draft in Photo Story and then transformed it into movie maker so I could use more effects. I think these tools are great for classroom usage. Much more creative and engaging then the teacher doing all the talking.

Jenn O. said...

Photo Story 3 looks pretty easy to use. I like how you are able to click and drag photos around and edit them as well. Kids will find this simple to use and they will love to showcase their stories and record their voices reading it. This will probably be something I will try when we have our Eat, Read and Share night at our school. Every year every child creates a book and they are displayed throughout our library, cafe and main hallway. What an attention grabber this will be for our class. My main concren with the program is that it will have to be uploaded into our system by an administrator. Hope I will get the support I need. Thanks for posting this demo. Now that I understand how to use it, I won't be so timid to try it.

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