Monday, February 1, 2010

Obama's Fireside Chat

Today, at 1:45 p.m., President Obama will go live on YouTube to answer questions from the public. The chat, broadcast from the White House, will be a webcast. YouTube users have submitted questions and voted on their top picks. Questions concern jobs, education, and government reform. With Obama seeking major changes to the No Child Left Behind law, the webcast promises to address pressing educational issues. To read more about the YouTube event and keep current on proposals to NCLB, check these two articles from today’s The New York Times:

Obama to Field Questions Posted by YouTube Users
Obama to Seek Sweeping Changes in ‘No Child’ Law

Here is the video of Obama's State of Union Address from last week. You will find other Obama speeches also at YouTube. How is online access changing how news is delivered to the public? What are your thoughts on access to new events on YouTube, as well as the fact that many school systems block access to YouTube videos? If you watch the YouTube public press conference today, let us know what you think of the format.


Abel said...

I believed that is a good way to uses the media and provide important information to the people, I like this kind of interviews because Youtube allow people to submit questions and to vote for their favorite ones. The part about “Good idea – Bad idea” was my favorite section of the interview, it is great that people take the initiative and give their feedback about national matters.

Joe said...

I really do wish I agreed with more of President Obama's policy - he is certainly a professional orator and people who seem him as representative of their belief system must find him easy to listen to and be motivated by.... I am amused when he (probably like all predecessors) call for diplomacy between the parties and then takes several shots across the aisle during his State of the Union - so how does a fiscal conservative member of Congress react to that..? By responding with equally condescending divisive rhetoric..? They can't, because then the media calls them out for being partisan..?

I find it hard to be hopeful with President Obama in charge but am 100% respectful of the office he holds.

Joe said...

Regarding the NY Times article on Obama and NCLB, I would like to know what the administration's plans are for a replacement before we get too excited about reshaping a program that has been so hotly debated publicly since the Bush administration. Stay tuned for that info from Arne Duncan - it will still very likely incorporate student test scores which is arguably not a fair measurement to teachers at least when taking a single measurement. Perhaps measuring student progress from two points in time (beginning of year to end of year; or from last year to this year) you can measure a teacher's ability to influence the student's learning over the time period they spend with that student.

Makia said...

Thi is an excellent way for everyday people to get questions answered regarding politcal issues. With todays technology this is innovative way to reach millions of citizens at a click of button. Having the right questions at hand is key for its viewers. This interview is something schools should incorporate into their curriculum cause it gives their students first hand knowledge on what's the current issues and matters in today's society.

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